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Welcome to our school!

I am delighted to tell you about what makes us so special – and you are warmly encouraged to visit us to find out for yourself.

We offer an education that is extraordinary for all sorts of reasons. We teach an exceptionally rich curriculum that is always in step with the natural development of the child. We guide children along a pathway to a lifelong love of learning, with an enduring natural curiosity about the world. Our pupils come to school happily and go home happy. And when they finally leave us, it is as responsible, articulate young adults who are strong in their convictions, aware and accepting of others, and ready to contribute to society.

We don’t select or rank children by academic ability but rather we welcome young people who are alert, enthusiastic for knowledge, with open minds and who have a broad interest in the world. We guide them to become confident, creative thinkers and good problem solvers.

Our children thrive in an environment that actively celebrates everyone’s individual strengths and differences. We foster an atmosphere where every single pupil is enthused to find and follow their potential.

The curriculum is unusually broad-based and rigorous with a wide spectrum of subjects where children are consistently challenged. These subjects are embedded within the curriculum so that pupils cannot select or drop subjects too early in their school lives. In later years children typically take up to eight GCSEs from a wider range of subjects, and invariably move smoothly into their next chosen course of study – under the guidance of teachers who know them very well.

The school is going through an active stage of development. We are increasing our provision for the Early Years pupils (birth to 6) and building on the already excellent work in the Lower School (6 -14). The first year of the Upper School (age 15) will not be running for one year while we are engaged in extensive research and consultation. This is in order to create an Upper School which truly meets the needs of today’s young people with enough challenge, rigour and creativity to excite and motivate them and with good pathways to further education. The aim is to have this work completed in time for September 2017.

We are a small but growing school, with a strong commitment to keep our fees affordable for as many families as possible. This does mean we may not always be able to provide for children with special educational needs. However, we are always pleased to discuss all applicants’ own needs and circumstances.

I look forward to meeting you and your child.

Ewout Van-Manen, School Leader


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